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How long before Revolade start to work?

I have low blood platelets, I was on steroids first and they initially boosted my count but they then plummeted, on the 2nd course of steroids they never worked at all. My last count before Revolade was 42, so the doctor put me on 50mg tablets (alternative to removing the spleen which I don't want as in my thirties). I have taken them each day for 8 days yet when I got tested my platelets had dropped to 38.

Is this perhaps a bit too soon to know if the pills will work for me or not. Anyway's I am to continue taking them and get checked again in a weeks time.

I do not know how long in my life I have had low blood platelets it was only discovered a few months ago when I had a heart attack and needed to have a stent put in, they could not operate on me until the platelets were above a certain level so I was stuck in hospital for quite some time.

Anyone experience with Revoldae and in particular how long it took to see any sort of results from the medication.

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I was prescribed Revolade (Eltrombopag) because steriods didn't work for me.

It'll take about 4 to 6 weeks to start to see the effects of the drug. Don't be shocked either if your count doesn't increase dramatically either... my increases were in steady small numbers (but I was just happy my platelets were increasing).

Revolade makes your body over produce platelets. Don't be surprised that if your count gets to a good level... and your dose is reduced... that your platelet count drops. The treatment doesn't "fix" your immune system... just gives your platelets a boost in numbers.

Any other questions just ask... I've been on Revolade for the last year and will be happy to help if I can.

Good luck!


My count was 13 when I started 50mg of Revolade (Eltrombopag). One week later it was 52 and after 2 weeks it was 140. Have been on Revolade 2 1/2 years now and my count has been as high as 400 and low of 70 but is usually in the 80 - 100 zone

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Hi, I was also put on steroids at first with little success and was delighted to be weaned off them and put on revolade, I was told it was a fairly new drug but was delighted to try anything to get of the steroids. After 1 week of taking revolade my levels went up to 103!! I went from taking 11steroids per day to only 1 revolade pill per day and thought I had found the solution. However, after 3months my lovely long thick hair started to fall out, and my bones and muscles were so painful there were days I couldn't walk or lift my arms, the doctor advised me to stop. I am no longer in pain, and surprisingly my levels are safe enough without medication (at the moment), I'm still dealing with losing more than half my hair but it's starting to grow back slowly. I believe if I hadn't stopped taking revolade I would've been completely bald by now. Everyone is different and I hope you don't get any side effects, as it did raise my levels really quickly. I wish you luck and health.

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Thanks for the comments all, I will update with what my count is this Friday as if the revolade was going to work surely it will have by then as that will have been 2 weeks. I can tell from my body and the cuts and marks I have that I do not think it's doing anything for me yet.

And that sounds horrible Lisa, losing hair must be such a shock, thankfully no side effects yet, I feel no different.


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