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No Georgia. I didn't have preeclampsia! Was a normal pregnancy and an absolute normal labor. During my pregnancy my platelets were 250K. After two weeks after delivery the bruises appeared from nowhere. I was founded with 5K platelets. Nothing worked only Nplate. You're right, Nplate is given in "mcg" not mg, I am on 500 mcg per week to maintain my counts at 80K to 250K. The fluctuations are very high with the same dose from one week to another.I'm also nurse and i don't know if I could do the job! I thought to head to another job. I'm so scared that I will not be able anymore to work as nurse. Could you work as nurse? Was ITP an impact for you???

Many thanks in advance!

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I can't understand why you would think that you couldn't do your job, unless you suffer from the fatigue that is sometimes associated with itp, or perhaps you have bleeds. I am retired but Itp does not affect my everyday life in any way, I refuse to let the condition get in the way of my enjoying life. It is annoying at times but not at all devastating, not even life changing. Don't be scared, just think positively and I'm sure you'll manage. Good luck.

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Hi Deniss, I just deleted my response so I'll try again, you're fortunate to be a nurse as you have many options In 2009 I was too sick to work in ICU I couldn't reposition a 200 lbs, intubated Patient Q 2 hr without excessive bruising and fatiague ( platelet = 5 to 15K) so I transferred to Peds. I'm now careing for a 4 year with ESR waiting for a transplant, he my inspiration when he's sick it's difficult for me when he's well all is forgotten and he's ready to play and move on with live as opposed to me feeling sorry for myself and tinkling all I've lost and not all I have. Hang in there you'll be fine:) Georgia


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