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Loose teeth

We have a boy in the Danish group. I do not know his age, but I would think he is about eight years old. He has ITP with a low platelet count and has blood-filled blisters in his oral cavity.

Recently his mother has discovered that two of the boy's permanent teeth are loose. She has talked to the haematologist about it, but the doctor does not believe that the loose teeth are caused by the ITP.

She has also talked to a dentist who had another theory as to why this had happened, and said that it was not serious, they were not very loose and would become firm again.

I am in doubt. I think it is likely that teeth could get loose if the platelet count is very low, but I never heard about before.

Have any of you heard about it?

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Hello, I am quite a lot older than this young patient but I have lost all my teeth in the 6years I have been diagnosed with ITP. The explanation I got from the dentist was that 2 prescription medicines I was and still take, prednisalone and alendronic acid, were the problem. Prednisalone takes calcium from your bones, alendronic acid helps to counteract the loss of calcium and prevent the onset of osteoporosis, but loose teeth is the unfortunate result.


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