ITP Symptoms after 30 years

ITP Symptoms after 30 years

When I was 22 years in 1986 I had ITP and had a spleenactamy. Now 30 years later I'm worried my ITP may be coming back. My symptoms before were unexplained bruising with blot clots/knot in the middle. I just had a huge lump on the back of my left leg the size of a walnut with no visible bruise. I noticed it when I was doing yoga. The next day the clot had shrunk but I had a huge bruise The pic I posted is the next day.

I have a dr appt next week. My question is, has anyone else here in this community come out of remission after so long of a time? Since my blood disorder I have live a very carefree life going through self induced youth inspired recklessness using too much alcohol and dabbling in a variety of drugs (the drugs only the ages 24-26). I've survived multiple cosmetic surgery procedures, where my blood had been monitored. I live a pretty healthy life style now and have for about 20 years, drinking off and on over the years, currently a non-drinker. I'm an avid runner and gym rat.

The only thing I can think that might have caused this is that I've been taking larger than normal qualities of Advil due to hip pain, shin splints and plantar fasciitis not caused by running, but by various classes I take at the gym, mostly Barre classes.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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  • ITP is unpredictable. Get a cbc and go from there.

  • Could anything else has have caused this bruise - maybe some trauma in a gym, is it painful? I know the feeling, my itp came back after 9 years and first manifested itself via bruises on the legs. However, I shouldn't have worried as so many more treatments are available now than were then!

  • I would have known if I hit myself so hard to produce this bruise. I had been getting in and out of my bucket seats in my car a lot lately. Maybe constantly banging my left leg on the lip of the seat.

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