Maybe itp??

Maybe itp??

Since it is so rare to being diagnosed with this desiese I wonder it it's what I really got. Last Friday I noticed little small red dots on my legs (petechia). Thought little to nothing about it cause growing up I was told I was just scratching my legs to hard. But then the following couple of days it didn't go away and more and more spots started appearing everywhere. on Sunday morning I hit my leg and in no time my leg swelled up to the size of a grapefruit just from early bumping into a chair. that's when my girlfriend got really concerned and took me to the local emergency hospital where they took blood tests and said everything came back positive and OK except for my platelets being at a count of 1. So the local Drs. Sent me to the trauma center in Abilene where I currently reside . They gave been giving me steroids along with the immune-gobbulin. After the first few treatments my count is only 100 platelets per microliter and is slowly rising. The picture is of the blood spots (petechia) I have. I'm still waiting for the actual diagnoses but with the support of this community I hope I can overcome this and get some much needed help and comfort

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  • Welcome to ITP. It sounds as if they are on the right track in diagnosing you. ITP is diagnosed by exclusion. There isn't one test to say you DO have it Your dx sounds like what a lot of us went through to figure out what was going on. Before knowing anything about ITP, when I wasn't feeling 'well', I would have mysterious red dots after scratching. Along with mysterious bruises, bleeding gums even though I have good dental hygiene. After more than is normal amounts of bruising starting popping up everywhere, I finally went to get checked out. Check out and educate yourself. For some it is acute, especially children, but it can also be chronic. Relax, rest when tired, and stay positive.

  • Hi, that looks like typical ITP. I would get the blood spots on my feet and I knew that my platelet count was falling and was under 10. I would then go to hospital for treatment. I have since had 7 different treatments and now only visit hospital every 6 months for a check up.

  • I first got to the hospital my actual platelets count was 0 completely gone now that being in the IVIG and the steroids it has gone up substantially well to at least a 7 but most of my spots on my feet and legs are starting to clear up my hemiotologist told me I'll be starting the Prednisone later today and I might be released but since I live about 50 miles from the closest big city that has a specialist like this if they can't secure a bag for over the weekend I'm stuck here. Hopefully they can cause I miss my family and I'm tired of being alone in this hospital bed. But on the britghter side of things I feel tons healthier and it is confirmed ITP it is... But I won't let that get me down this community of people is always a bright ray of hope that anybody can enjoy and compare stories.

  • I got stuck over the weekend they tell me one thing then say another lol it's okay a week straight in a hospital is not that bad. Food stil l sucks tho got better stuff out of MRE's while I was in the army

  • Good Luck I am sure you will be fine now that you have been diagnosed. It can be a bit of a pain when your blood count goes up and down but now you are being monitored and hopefully in the future receiving a more effective and manageable form of treatment you will learn to live with the condition and be fine. This is a great site for information and support look forward to hearing how you get on.

  • Mine looked much worse. Yours looks localized

  • Hi trust me if I could add all the pics I took I would but it would only allow one lol it looks like I've been beaten up by kool-aid man then thrown into an arm bar by hulk hogen

  • Take care and we look forward to hearing your count has gone way high

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