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Holiday and very low count

Hi there, I posted a few week's ago to say I was going through the latest treatment of rituximab. Well last treatment was two week's ago and count is still at 2, though I know it can take a while.

The thing is we are meant to be going abroad in 4 weeks to Kefalonia. My consultant didn't really answer when I asked whether we should go other than to say that I would find it virtually impossible to get insurance, but could use my EU card in case of an emergency.

My husband thinks that Greece may not be the best place either, as given all the economic problems the earth are system is no doubt in crisis.

Don't know what to do for the best? Really don't want to let my daughter down as we had to change holidays last year.

What does everyone think?

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Sorry meant to post health care system! Should have checked!


Try Staysure travel insurance as they insured me. Greece is not the best for health care. If you insured your holiday and you cannot go due to ill health then you should get a refund.


Hi my consultant told me he didn't want me to fly until my court was above 30, so I cancelled my flights it's upto 47 now so I'm going away Friiday but as I'm going for 3 months I have to have regular blood tests and send him the results.


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