Advice would be really appreciated as we feel we have very little guidance and few people to turn to for answers at present. Our very tall, strong , feisty 12 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with ITP just over 2 weeks ago. We have a family holiday planned in 2 weeks with a 3 hour flight ( 2 1/2 actual flight) and don't know what to do for the best. She is still in the "watch and wait" period. We've had very different responses from paediatricians although we are mindful that they possibly don't see too many cases. Our daughter is desperate to go and as parents we know that her mental wellbeing during this time is also very important. Your advice and guidance would be really appreciated. As parents we have never felt so useless....

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  • Hi I feel for you. I was told I had ITP June last year. Very scary to start with but you learn very quickly how to cope, there is loads of support on here that have managed with this for years,

    What's your daughters count at mo. Mine was 7 last year but now up to 128 with steroids but your doctor are sensible to do the wait n see better than being put on any of the medication as the side effects can be horrible for some, they say children can recover just as quick as getting it,!!!

    My doctor is very good for answering question, when I go to Cyprus he has me in for a blood check, just so he can give me a letter of fit to fly,

    Hope all will be OK keep updating on here of her progress.

    Take care


  • Hi Lin

    Many thanks for your reply and guidance. Current count is 15 and hovering up and down between 10 and 20.

    We've changed her diet, more pomegranate and papaya etc and have cut out the empty calorie foods and diet drinks as per guidance.

    She looks well and the random bruising has really subsided. She's full of energy ( she still definitely has enough to torment her younger brother!!!) and so we really can't get our heads around this, especially the little fall since the blood test last week.

    In many ways the holiday is coming at both the best time ( because she needs it) and the worst ( because we ding know what to do).

    Best wishes and thank you again.

  • Hi I was also going to fly my count was 33 when I found out I had ITP. I had to cancel my flights as my consultant told me it's not advisable to fly with a count under 30. I waited until my count went up to 47 and then flew. I am still away in Thailand but have regular blood tests done her

  • I've never bothered to have my count done before flying, and as the airline don't know what problems people have, I've never had a fit to fly letter either. I've flown to and from Oman, Prague, Frankfurt and Vienna in the last 16 months without having a count done; and have trips coming up this autumn that I won't bother for either.

    It's not always helpful to go by count levels, but how you feel. I've felt fine at 19k and grotty at 42k.

  • Hi there. There is sound advice on the ITP support Association web site about flying. I have had a count of 10 for around 12 years and flown everywhere,never worried. Providing she is not bleeding the only advice I would give is have a letter from your doctor to say she has ITP and make sure you know where to go for treatment when you are abroad. I suspect with a short flight you will not be far away and medical advice if needed would be available. I would not go to some countries where the medical care is poor, but that is just a common sense approach.

    Have a good holiday.

  • I was due to go to France on holiday on the Saturday and on the Monday my consultant said it was dangerous for me to fly with a count of under 10 so i cancelled my much needed much anticipated holiday.

  • Does your consultant know that you are going on holiday? They may help boost your daughter's count to a safer level to allow you to get away.

    My consultant advised I was good to go with a count of 40...

  • Sadly Bellazac just like with most things ITP, there is no definitive answer in respect of flying with ITP. As ever it is important to talk it through with your specialist as we are all different. A useful article is available via the following link....

    You may also wish to download our mobile phone/tablet app, as it could be useful to show medical professionals in any country you are visiting should you have any problems. The app at least explains what ITP is etc ....

    Hope this helps, albeit as I say it is ultimately down to the individual to decide

  • Hi, My advice that you should consult your Doctor's. I have had ITP for 34 years, and my count hardly goes above 25 and it is sometimes at 10.

    I have been on 3 hour flights, and driven many miles in France on holiday, with no problems, however, I do not know where you are going on holiday and what kind of health system that is available, you will need to get insurance cover, and a letter from your Doctor's that says that your child can travel, so that whoever insures you can not weasel out of their contract IF your child were to have an incident while away.

    So get as much information as you can, and then decide.



  • Thank you everyone for your support and advice. It really is appreciated. It's good to know that there are people out there who can offer us good advice whilst we get our heads around all of this 😀

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