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ITP in Pregnancy Registry Appeal

Can you help us fund the new ITP in Pregnancy Registry?

Many women have a lower platelet count in pregnancy, but with Immune Thrombocytopenia (an autoimmune bleeding disorder) the platelet count can be so low that the mother-to-be is sometimes at risk of bleeding during pregnancy and may require treatment. The mother’s antibodies also cross the placenta and may destroy the baby’s platelets. Pregnancy can be a very frightening time for the mother with ITP and an ITP in Pregnancy Registry is desperately needed to:–

Define the best management of pregnant women who have ITP, or who develop ITP during pregnancy

Identify which women need treatment and which only require gentle monitoring.

Understand which babies may experience lower platelet counts from their mother’s antibodies crossing the placenta

Advance understanding regarding when treatment is required and when treatment is inappropriate

The ITP Support Association has been asked to fund this much needed registry which will cost £17,000 per year for two years – there is no government funding for ITP research or registries.

We already fund the adult and childhood ITP registries which have made a real difference to the management of this difficult disease. We could not have done this without generous donations from people like you.

To donate to the ITP in Pregnancy Registry on line please go to our special appeal page (hosted on the Charity Choice secure payment website) at....

If you opt to pay the Charity Choice admin fee when you donate, 100% of your donation will go to ITP Pregnancy Registry Fund.

If you prefer to send a cheque, please mark it PR on the reverse and post it to The Platelet Mission, Kimbolton Road, Bolnhurst, Beds, MK44 2EL. Postal donation form available here.

All donations will be gratefully received, and acknowledged by email or post providing you give your contact details. (We will not badger you for further donations.)

If you would like to hold an event to raise funds for the ITP in Pregnancy Registry please visit our fundraisers page....


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