Natural Path has been a life saver

I started seeing a Natuaral Path in January after my platelets dropped to 16 and I was given 40mG of a steroid. I suffered huge depression side effects and many other side effects.  The natural path has been working on my whole system and as of now 5 mo's later am holding at 77.  

I feel a ton better too. Like many have said here my diet plays a huge role . A protein shake with seeds, coconut water berries and ice really seems to help. 

Good luck to everyone here. Find a natural path if you can!!


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  • Hi Hblair, such wonderful news. Could you be more specific ? Can you give a list of the foods you have on a daily basis? Battling ITP for the past 2 years. At present on papaya  leaf extract. Count has now gone up to 95. But would love to know what foods help increase platelets. 

  • Hi. I suspect many of the supplements from D3, CoQ10, Bcomplex, C, Krill Oil and magnesium have helped. I take them religiously twice a day. I cut out gluten dairy alcohol and sugar.  The protein shakes are protein powder coconut water, chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, pecans, hemp seeds, and frozen berries. I just love these for breakfast and late afternoon as a pick me up.  My bruising is gone and I feel much better!! Try to find a natural path doctor. They look at what may be causing your body to attack itself. My former doctor was with Kaiser. All they wanted to do was get me on steroids. They had no interest in finding the cause.  Only to treat the symptom. 

  • Thank you Hblair, for your quick reply. Will have to check krill oil and coQ10. Can't take all those nuts  except walnuts, as I have RA too, and too many nuts affect my joints. Like you have cut sugar, gluten, processed foods, dairy. Don't take alcohol ever. 

    Thanks once again.

  • Hi Padram,

    Check out the website for (platelet disorder support organization). There is a topic which foods to avoid. Hope this helps.

    Understand your illnesses (not just your itp) then create a plan. Itp is auto immune, it reacts to anything it chooses even just a simple cold or eating blueberries. The first thing you need to do is talk to your doctor and ask if he is willing to try to work with you instead of giving you steroids, etc. Like Hblair, I changed my doctor too. This time, my new doc is willing to verge from the steroids & we have been working together for 5 years now. Through your complete blood test, you two can create what may be good for you or not. Along with itp, I am allergic to cedar/juniper trees, kneecap arthritis cause by steroid, anemic & vit d deficiency. I would try natural foods to treat those issues. Also, log each day everything you did so you can check when are you not feeling well & when your platelets & any associated illness you have are active or inactive.

    For example, I'm eating a lot of very green leafy vegetables to help my blood to clot in case of injury/accident but it doesn't mean that it's good for another ITP patient who has to take blood thinners medication to avoid heart attack. 

    Good luck!

  • Hi charrieeve, thanks. I have gone through I have read much about auto immune disorders and their connection with gut health. It is just that I have not come across any food that increases platelet count, so far. I changed my doc after 6 months after he refused to allow alternate treatment. Like you say, each person is different. Since I have RA too, many foods aggravate my joints. Even spinach, a wonderful food for ITP, cannot be taken by me, as it is not good for RA. I will not try krill oil, as it is taken from whales, and I am vegetarian. I cannot use turmeric for RA, as it is a blood thinner. I got ITP after Yellow Fever Vaccine . I am completely off any drug for either ITP or RA. I am trying only diet to reduce my symptoms, as auto immune disorders can't be cured.  Papaya leaf is natural and that helps me to up my count, as I bleed even if count is 50k. Am always in search for natural healing, so was intrigued by Hblair's post. Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed re pl ly.

  • hello Padram, would be very much appreciate if u list any diet u did during ur ITP, any ideas, any thoughts are welcome.

  • honestly could have done without knowing the size of your junk or your sex life. 

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