So I had my last IVIG on sept.25th. 2 days prior to that I started on 30 mg prednisone. I'm slowly weening off. My count went up to 125 then slowly decreased. As of October 6 I was down to 10 mg pred. My count went down to 17. I go for blood tests weekly. My next count was 21 then 57. Still on 10 mg of pred . Was suppose to go for IVIG yesterday but they said I didn't need to, maybe things are looking up.

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  • I'm shocked you didn't need that second ivig especially with those numbers my hemp usually likes for me to be in the high 100,000 but every hemo is different but I remember I was like that too weekly labs the up and down roller coaster platlets... steroids are no good glad to hear that your hemo is decreasing your steriods

  • So far no much luck getting my numbers to stay in the 100,000. My hemp would be happy if they stay in high twenties.

  • O wow but how do u feel?

  • I feel ok, the worst is the prednisone. Tired sometimes.

  • I've noticed that my platelets never recover smoothly and always fall after first raise before stabilising. Hope yours will increase further

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