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Diet affects

Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone has any advise or experience in how a change of diet has lead to an improvement in platelet numbers. I read an article about a year ago about cutting out tomatoes, dairy products, limiting meat intake, larger and tonic water, i followed their advise, at the time my platelets would reach lows of 1 but after i have eradicated these items from my diet they haven't been reaching numbers quite as low so i am keen to try cutting other foods out of my diet to see the affects.

Thanks x

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Good luck. I’m sure diet plays a huge role. So many foods are detrimental — coffee, wine, blueberries, turmeric, ginger. Read the list on this website. Really depressing.

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turmeic as well? I am on AIP diet and using turmeric more than before and platelets are not improving as well. Just wondering if turmeric is culprit.!!


I take a vitamin d and a vitamin c and a multi vitamin

I believe it is best to have more fresh fruit and veggies and I have been meditating also

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Hi dede7, WHY are you taking Vit. D??? What was your last Vit. D level? Do you live in a part of the world that has six months of Night?? Are you elderly with heart disease?? Are you aware that Vit.D is a fat-soluble. In contrast to water-soluble vitamins (Vit. C), our body has no easy way of getting rid of fat-soluble vitamins. Thus excessive amounts can build up in the body resulting in increased absorption of calcium from the digestive system resulting in elevated calcium levels in the blood. High calcium can bind to other tissues and cause damage, for example the kidneys. Please be carful in your attempt to increased your platelets with vitamins ( which DOES NOT increase platelet production), that you don’t destroy your kidneys. Nplate and other platelet stimulating factors are the only meds. that will increase platelet production!

At this point there is no cure for ITP only management but research is on going. Be well:). Georgia

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Fresh veggies , fish, berries are all good. Meditation and Mediterranean diet

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Hi Hreilly

thanx for sharing

can you tell in bit detail what are you taking and to avoid is

all sort of usage of tomatos includes tomato pastes tomatos in curry ketchups sauces?

dairy products means? all kind of milk yougart butter

meat intake all sort of chicken cow goat fish?

what does it mean by tonic water?

and what food are you taking

thanks again


Good day.

In my early 2-4 months of recovery, my doctor advises not to eat "much" of meat, dairy, green vegetables BUT never make any drastic reduction of these food (as nutrients derived also needs by body).

Thereafter, I came back to regularly eating/taking these foods. My platelet increases from 15k to 120k. Suggestion - clear mind/body from unnecessary thinking. Live your life and as I do 😊.




Hi hhreilly. Maybe not for everyone with ITP, but at least for those who have autoimmune issue as the cause, I think the connection between ITP an diet is your gut bacteria also known as microbiome compromised by antibiotics and bad foods you may be consuming. When the good bacteria is killed the bad bacteria will flourish and eating sugar, or carbs and gluten just feed the bad bacteria and your intestinal wall will allow food particles and the bad bacteria into your blood stream. And as a consequence your immune system will form antibodies against it and other important body organs and nervous system including brain. So the recommended food must be minimal sugar with high fat to starve the bacteria to get the microbiome back in control. Only after that you can rebuild your good bacteria with probiotics and fermented foods.

I have been on a person journey on this and with the ketogenic lifestyle have lost alot of weight, reversed my diabetes and now I think my thyroid is involved with a possible hashimotos autoimmune problem.

Best of luck for you and all others struggling with this difficult problem.


Hi. I have been healthy all my life considering many 69 year old women are on one drug or another and this suddenly hit me. The hematologist said there was nothing I did or can do except watch for bruising and pecteckia (sp) . I could've gotten a virus without knowing it and the platelets were attacked. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise some. Stress doesn't help. It's more complicated for some people probably with additional health issues. Be vigilant about not getting cut or falling, etc. My info showed children usually grow out of it but adults not as easily, although some keep good counts going. I had no idea that so many people were affected by this. It is scary for and a support group helps. Wish you the best.



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