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Emotional wreck

I just had my second round of ivig. And both days find myself crying and very emotional. Has this happened to anyone else. I am scheduled for my splenectomy on Tuesday. And that also makes me have anxiety. I feel like I'm being a big drama queen. And just an emotional wreck. I have even written letters to my loved ones incase I die. Lol what's wrong with me??

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Nothing is wrong with you. Perfectly normal. I hope they have tried other drugs before removing your spleen. However you can manage well without spleen. You will be perfectly alright and can look forward to better platelet count after.good luck and enjoy your recovery

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I think you're just going through normal emotions. I almost didn't have IVIG treatments when they were explained to my by the RN that was giving it to me. He explained all the possible side effects, & emergency medicines he had to have on hand, in case of any reaction to treatment. He said if I had any, they would go from bad to worse in very short order. I ultimately had treatments, but did have a very anxious time deciding. I was also very emotional while in the hospital. I think I was feeding on being told constantly how 'sick' I was by doctors & nurses. I did NOT feel that bad going in, but while there, the constant barrage of well-meant medical advice worked negatively on my nerves. I am a positive person, & the atmosphere of being in the hospital worked against that. Good luck in everything, & please try to focus on the positive..easier said than done right now I'm sure, but things will get better!


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