Spleen out and Tonsils Out

I'm Currently on N Plate, and have been told this if this doesn't work I will be having my spleen out, I have heard someone say that they have had their spleen which didn't do anything but then had their Tonsils out and it sorted their ITP out. As I have suffered with tonsillitis in the past just wonder if it would be the same for me.


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  • That's a first. Keep us informed.

  • No it's not!! See my response!

  • Having your spleen out is the last thing you need unless absolutely necessary. The success rate is circa 40% and removal takes an organ from your body which has a distinct function. Give N Plate time to work before you make any decision. If in doubt, have a second opinion from a ITP specialist. If your in the UK, there are 24 around the country, details on the ITP web site.

  • Hi. Same happened with me. My tonsils were thought to be the culprit after spleen removal was unsuccessful. I had terrible tonsillitis about five times a year and they were so swollen i was having sleep apnoea at night It was about four years after my splenectomy in my early twenties so they did a tonsillectomy. My count didn't change but I had far less Infections so overall my immune system was a little Healthier but I've posted before as you know about splenectomy.

  • Hello the splenectomy for me did not work.. I got the surgery back in 2007, after surgery yes my numbers went up but after like 2 weeks my platlets were back down again... It was a roller coaster ride I agree what sailor says get a second opinion about that splenectomy.... I was only given a 60% chance that it would work but it didn't what has worked for me is the IVIG my last hospitalization was back in Sept 2015 given IVIG.. Since then I have been doing great.. But I do monthly labs and see my hemotologist every 3-6 months. But good look and keep us posted....

  • Hello Nespinoza, thank you for getting in touch, did you have any ivig before your spleen was taken out? When I have ivig it is the only thing that brings my platelets up but it only lasts 2-3 weeks

  • Actually no I didnt I was given platlet transfusion because i was hemorrhaging...

  • Forgot to mention that when i was hemorrhaging of course the doc had to stop the bleeding before i went in to surgery. Once that was cleared i was given the platlets after my surgery i was told i was loosing blood which i had to have a blood transfusion...also just to let u kno i live in the united states and of course we are in different time zones....

  • please use papaya (fruit) 3 times a day .it is very helpul .i am using it

  • New thing

  • it is not complete treatment but it can improve the count immediately. so i prefer papaya over medication .at least it has no side effect rather it glorify our skin ,keeping the stomach calm and also helpful for HB

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