I've been in remission for over a year now, however, yesterday when I was at doctor's for antibiotic for chest infection, I mentioned that I had 3 bruises on my arms that had just appeared. I was immediately sent for blood tests i case the itp had returned but tests showed platelet count at 300+. Today another bruise has appeared - has this happened to anyone else? Not sure if I'm feeling exhausted due to infection or if something else it at work. I was convinced the itp must be back but doctor (and haemo) have said no.

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  • Some times I think we tend to over think things after and ITP diagnosis. We used to bruise before hand and not think much of it we still bruise having itp and high numbers just like before.I would say that yes you are exhausted from the chest infection not getting enough oxygen. Try not to read too much in to every little bruise that appeaars that you wouldnt have given a second thought to before it aint worth the stress.

  • Glad ur still in remission :) every bruise I get also freaks me out

  • Yes I'm the same, I also freak when I see a bruise or rashes under the skin If I scratch my legs after a hot bath. I had my spleen removed 24 years ago but my count has dropped and fluctuates around 50 but haemotologist thinks it gets lower because of bruises. It's the tiredness that I find hard to cope with as I work full time. Do you get really tired?

  • Vibo,

    I think it's good to be cautious; once we're told we have ITP of course we worry about bruising. It's great that your count has stayed up though.

    The exhaustion may be caused by your chest infection alone, but quite a number of people with ITP seems to have fatigue that can't be explained by anything else. I've been struggling with it for over a year and a half and finding it a huge detriment.

    Good luck.

  • Are you taking steroids? They can cause such bruising. 300plus is great and definitely not its.

  • I've heard people with ITP reporting of bruising with normal counts, that's the weird thing with ITP. I went for a blood test once cos of bruises and was also ok, admittedly not such good numbers as that but was still surprised to bruise.

  • Thank you everyone, I guess I was just panicking because of how awful I'm feeling. The bruises are very noticeable and on both arms so are definitely out of the ordinary for me but I wonder if we bruise when we are ill due to the itp even when in remission as I've noticed this before only they haven't been so bad as this time. Anyway it's a relief it's not back and my wish for each of you is that you keep well.

    Take care


  • Do you know why or how you have gone in remission. ? I've never heard of anyone being that lucky. I'm two and a half years down the road of itp . I'm on n, plate at the moment , and have good numbers of top 199 to 220 . So I'm feeling very fortunate this week. As you all know you just don't know what you'r going to be from one week to the other. Lucky you . All the best. Crissy22a

  • Crissy,

    I remember that my haematologist told when I first had ITP that I had a 50-50 chance of going into remission after being on prednisone. I didn't, but I've had decent counts (100-200K) for about 20 months now after a course of Rituxan. The doctor said that some people get as long as five years free of ITP from the infusions. But even with my counts in the safe zone, I'm still exhausted and now it looks as if my immune systems is going after my thyroid and maybe other parts of me as well. I begin to think there's no hope of feeling well again.

  • Hi crissy, I was in remission for two and a half years. No medication or anything. I really thought I was cured. Then it came back with a thump and I had a platelet count of zero. One of the worst days of my life!

  • Hi, I'm in remission and I still bruise but if they are green, blue or yellow. I don't worry too much, my last count was just over 40. Not low enough to show visible symptoms, but not high enough to be discharged from regular check ups. If they were black like a permanent marker pen then I would be worried. I'm quite clumsy and bump my toes and elbows, my dogs jump on me, I get a bruise, I know where they come from. Black and can't remember where it's from, I would get a full blood count test done. I hope that helps you a little, but you know your body. I read the signs, any red rash (petachia?) then that's another symptom, along with the bruises, I know I have had a minor relapse. Multivitamins with Iron help with fatigue, I try and take them regularly. Hope you get well soon from the chest infection and any doubts you have see your consultant.

    With Regards


  • I find that my ITP bruises have two characteristics that are not found in "normal bruising" - first they are a different colour and second they disappear much more quickly.

  • Well a similar thing happen to me also after or rather ongoing chest/respiratory infection which is treated with antibiotics and I got a bruise. I was treated for ITP two years ago now and have been in remission but I believe that it was a bad chest/respiratory infection that caused my ITP to start back then. So I got scared as well. Still my blood platelet are fine.

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