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Cortisone injections for sports injury

I am 18 years old. I have had itp for the last 5 years. Mt count is stable at 26. I am a keen sports woman and at present need a cortisone injection to help heal a hip injury. Is it safe to do so? I am getting no help or information from my dr at present and am getting more frustrated at not being able to take part in sports which even with itp is a huge part of my life.

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Hello! I am just a little bit older than you (46) and have had diagnosed ITP for 15 years. I had a hip injury that wouldn't go away and when I eventually got to some quality physio, they pointed out that we are more likely to bleed into a joint and the way the body gets rid of a bleed in a joint is breakdown by movement, but if you have a big bruise/clot/bleed in the joint movement becomes restricted which reduces the movement which prevents the breakdown of the clot etc etc. Worth remembering.

Sorry I don't know about the pros and cons of the injection.

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Thanks for that. Any info much appreciated


PS I have been a fitness instructor for the last 15 yrs and apart from that one hip problem ITP didn't hold me back (although I don't take on all sports. I follow Alex Dowsett the cyclist with Haemophilia, their sites seem to mention this problem with bleeding in joints more than ours do....


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