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Travel Insurance for ITP & PBC


Hi looking for some Travel Insurance advice. I am currently insured through my Bank and AVIVA but my conditions ITP, PBC and my Kidneys are not covered. I am more than a little annoyed about my Kidneys not being covered as all that was wrong was 3 years ago I became dehydrated and it affected my Kidneys and over one weekend in hospital I was re hydrated. ITP and PBC controlled by Romiplostin injections self administrated once every three weeks and Ursodexacholic acid. I can appreciate those conditions may attract a higher premium but just not to be covered at all is worrying. Can anyone recommend a Company that takes an intelligent view of auto immune conditions and provides cover at a reasonable cost.

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Hello Eileen-Emily,

Try Insure and Go. Apologies for delay in responding and Good Luck.


in reply to Rafiq

Thank you I will. I have always felt confident traveling in Europe but with Brexit looming I really want good travel insurance cover.

I got a very good deal with HolidayRisk that covers my ITP and asthma.

Hi I use insure and go gold policy they Do a single or multi use insurance it’s about £150 for a year for both my husband and I in a multi trip insurance it’s only about an extra £ 20 since I told them I have ITP

Thank you I will ask for a quote. Enjoy your holidays.

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