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Theme parks

Hi, my 7 year old daughter has had ITP for nearly 6 years. Her count is never more than 20 and her last one was 5. We are planning to go to a theme park next week.I have never thought the rides would be a problem as alrhough they turn you upsides down, or side to side etc, they are not actuslly dangerous. However, I've just come accross a post on facebook where people are saying that would a low counht you should never go on rides as it can build up pressure (or something similar) and cause brain bleeds. Is that correct? Our consultant has never mentioned this.

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To be honest I would not reccommend it. At 7 she is not fully grown yet and her body will indeed be under lots of pressure be they "dangerous" or not. Contact sport is not reccommended at those levels and theme park rides are exactly that all different parts of her body are going to be in some rough contact. I know it sux for her but I really would not risk it :-(


Hi I have had Itp for over 10 yrs and found my enjoyment of fun parks has been curtailed. Some rides can throw you about too much and dizziness is more pronounced, maybe if you stuck to the gentler childrens rides your daughter will still have fun.


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