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Hundreds of reasons for Thrombrocytopenia!!!

I just read this from Platelet Disorder Support Association :"A low platelet count is often assumed to be ITP (immune thrombocytopenia). However, there are many other possible causes of thrombocytopenia, with clinical severity ranging from trivial to life threatening. ITP is a diagnosis of exclusion. It can only be diagnosed after all other causes of low platelets are ruled out. An incorrect diagnosis may lead to wasteful or harmful treatments. This makes it important to know, or at least be aware of, other diseases that may be mistaken for or misdiagnosed as ITP. " from

I was diagnosed in 2011 and failed to respond to all treatments of steroids, N Plate, cyclosporine & rituxan. After my 3rd bone marrow aspiration/biopsy, the initial findings are aplastic anemia. Be sure to insist that your doctor does everything they can to distinguish ITP from other conditions if you are NOT responding, especially if your red and white are low as well. I get my final pathology report this week and then a new game plan.

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Another reason for them to not push for a splenectomy off the bat. A good medical team will do a thourough history and comprehensive testing before putting any label on it. As a patient its up to ask questions and do our research too


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