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Hi probably a really silly question but do other Itp sufferes think it will be ok to use Vicks Vaporub

My daughter has a nasal viral infection and I thought if she rubbed vicks on her chest and let her inhale it would help her breathing and nasal congestion. She is 24 and her platelets are very stable at the moment as she is on a combination of eltrombopag and mycophenolate.

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I use Olbas oil on a regular basis, and have never had any issues. Not tried Vicks, but would think it should be fine.


Don't think if this should cause any problem with platelet counts.


It will be fine to use, I've never had any issues and I have had ITP for 40 years now. I would check a small area for any allergic reactions first though, just in case. Hope she gets well soon



Used Vicks all the time with my little one should be fine

Good luck x


Hi thanks for the reassurance from everyone. We used menthol crystals in warm water to inhale and clear the sinuses, worked a treat and now on the road to recovery once more. Thanks again.x


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