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my heart disease

Everything was perfect in my life. I had completed my law degree recently. Then I met the love of my life. All of it was happening really quickly. But it is was just amazing. We decided to have babies, but after our marriage. After a few months he proposed me and we got married. Returning back from the honey moon I was not feeling well. My DH took me to the doctor and got the bad news of my heart disease. We both were very upset about my condition. He really loved children but we cannot have any. He never left me. He still loves me so much. I am just here to share my story with you people. I hope there will be ladies having situation like mine as well. I wish all the best to you all. Baby dust to all of you.

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I am so sorry to hear about your condition. I wish there was something the doctors could do to help you and your hubby have kids. I am in a situation myself. Don't know if I ever will too. I pray for a miracle for you and hope that you get the support you need. I am here to listen always. Wishing you the best. Xxx.


Hi Jenna! I know what you're going through. I myself also an infertile person. Well, I just have the same situation. My husband and I were both devasted with this issue. But, later an office colleague of a husband told me about a clinic which was providing surrogacy. It was in Ukraine, after getting all the information; we signed up for them. Well, after a year it changed our lives. I think you should really try for surrogacy. It will help you complete your family.


Will try to cut long story short. First, I would encourage you to not be so hard on yourself! Infertility is painful enough without adding guilt and shame to the mix. It is so important not to quantify our pain, and compare it to others. So try not to judge yourself for your pain at this early stage. What you are experiencing is a very valid, deep pain that only those on this side of the fence can truly understand.

I too had to go the surrogacy route. It is very difficult to accept and move on knowing your genes will are to be saved through lab works. I knew I still would have a child with my features. And only after we had discussed it all, I knew we were moving the right way. This is a surrogate whose blood flows through a baby to nourish. Our surrogate had transfer back in 2013. We were successful from the first attempt. Our sweet Laria was born weghing 8 lb 12 oz by planned Caesarean on March 17 the following year. I was at the surrogate's side in the operating room meeting our girl for the first time in my life.

We don't know the timing frames. We don't know how the way will pass for us. But I truly believe that there's someone above helping us. Sooner or later we are blessed with kids no matter what path was chosen.

Stay strong, honey. It will take time but it's absolutely worth it. Hugs x


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