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Help me, Ladies :(Please :( I'M Scary


I am starting with my 2nd IVF super cure this night, anxious and nervous I am.

Anyone can Guide me for this, or be helping me about the feeling I carry.???? It's my 1st injection cycle. I am terribly draining my emotions to get weaken. hope for all should get well and blessed.

Surprised !!!!!!!!!! Why become the mum is so Difficult Damn. Huhh. Getting odd feeling. would be in my luck for enjoying motherhood or else f**k**g false report in future.

confused and seeking the help of the ladies who are going through this same treatments

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ohh !! dont worry at all dear everything will gonna be as gud as u wan yes i can understand what you are going through ,i hope you are fine now ? please take care of yourself and have faith in god :)

god bless uh :)

and dont be confused as my frnd has gone from this treatment too and she is gud and happy now i hope you are also good and taking care of urself :)

gud luck and great future ahead:)

Hi trupti.........Dear its a wonderful phase of the life . you are lucky one that you are going to experience all this .............. I know that you are very nervous but my dear ..... be positive and as everything will be fine ............... :)

Hey trupti, I can completely understand your situation. IVF is very effective; some females get pregnant in 1st cycle of IVF some must wait or the 3rd. why you seem so fed up? 85% population become mothers successfully through infertility treatments and IVF is one of them. Becoming mother is the most beautiful feeling. Once you have your little cutie in your hands you are never going to remember this pain.

Hello Trupti. Calm down, dear. No use worrying so much. Just try to relax. Follow through with the treatments. Follow the doctor's instructions carefully. Everything should be alright. Good luck!

Hey! haha, don't worry, honey. Everyone gets nervous. This is natural. Don't worry too much about it. I have many of my colleagues from work who shared their experience and they all told me that it's easy. I'm sure you'll be fine too. Don't overthink it all. Good luck!

Hey, hun! Do not panic please.. I know it's hard to deal with unknown things but you willfind ladies here who are the same thing with you. So that you could get more support from the ones knowing your particular case. If you're terrified of doing injectibles then have your partner/dh to help you with them the first time. I'm also sorry for your failed cycle. But it often takes more than one to conceive. Wish you all the best!!

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