Long night

Long night

I don't think I'll get any sleep tonight ☹️ my sister should find out her AMH level tomorrow hopefully it's high so she can be my donor 😊 we are not competitive but on this occasion I would like her to smash my pathetic score of 0.64 🙈 the nurse said ideally it should be around 15 to be a donor so we have everything crossed x I've been making baby headbands to take my mind off it 😐

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  • My fingers crossed for her positive result.

    I'm undergoing de stimulation right now and I know how you feeling right now. It's tough. But we all here will pray for you

    best wishes and tons of hugs

  • How did today go? x

  • Hello Xx mega rubbish her AMH is too low but she's been on the pill ( just had a baby 16weeks ago ) so she's having a coil fitted which she has anyway and has to go back in 8 weeks to see if it's made a difference ☹️ she's sad about it which is just making me feel really guilty and upset x she's not fussed for herself she doesn't want any more babies just sad at moment X I'm going to fertility roadshow in Manchester on Sunday to hopefully get more information about different clinics and pricing X the nurse said we was ahead anyway because I've not had counselling yet with BF but I just wanted to know if that was a option that was available at this minute in time doesn't look like it 😢 X

  • Good to see what options are and be prepared. Don't give up hope yet. Gather info and inform yourselves like you're planning. xx

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