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Unexpected finding.. Desperate and destroyed

I'm 40 and still have regular AF but my doc says my follicles almost stopped producing eggs. How can it be? Is that possible? We were so busy with our careers that lost an opportunity to have our own baby?!. All my cousins already have at least one child.. some may not have a super career but they are so happy however. And we have been ttc for the last 3 years. 2 of them we were treating fibroids that blocked my fallopian tubes first and then caused miscarriage second time. What should we do now? The chances of getting my egg are so low that my doctor even doesn't recommend ivf. I feel so miserable :(

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career or parenting is an eternal question. it's sad realia of 21st century life - it almost impossible for a woman to combine mothering and successful career. almost. there are some women that still manage to do so, and I'm really inspired by them. we also started ttc when we both were in our mid 30th. maybe it was late, maybe it just wasn't meant for us, but nothing worked. Ok, it seems that's not what you expected to hear. what I really want to say, is that we tried merely everything. the first option was adoption, but unfortunately we met a lot of obstacles on our way. another option was fertility treatment. egg donation can be a good option at this age. have you talked about it with your doctor?


Hi it's so sad and seems really unfair we just got told today after trying for 5 years ( I'm 34) that I have stop producing eggs we haven't had a follow up appointment yet to discuss options but mine said even with the strongest ivf drugs the chances of getting 1 egg are as close to zero as you can get 😭 I think my only option is egg donation but think we need more time to come to terms with the news I feel like a bereavement has taken place I keep crying I don't know when it will stop ? Have you been offered anything treatment wise?


I'm 44 and it seams my eggs aren't up to scratch.

I'm having 3 cycles of Clomid but our specialist thinks our best option would be donor eggs.

Is that something you have considered.

P.S I don't have any children yet wait her. Starting late!


Hi karen_ely! Feel so sorry to know about your problem. Guess it happens too often during few last decades. Maybe you should try donor eggs or even surrogacy? I know, it needs time to get used to, but it may be a good decision both for you and your future baby. Keep fingers crossed for you! Anyway if you wanna talk or need support just write me via email, will be free to answer your questions: janettemarvin88@gmail.com.


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