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This is now the second month I have been told by consultant I cant start clomid because they cant get me in for a scan because they have to many appointments - my heart is being ripped out!! We have been trying for so long, had 2 operations to remove my endo and now this... I feel like someone is against me having a baby!! Please can nayone recommend a private health care in the UK, South East, that can actually give me the tracking scans I require

thanks in advance xx

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Good morning,

Yes I am really happy to.

I am 9 weeks pregnant and I have had a lot of help from Mrs Indira Mistry, ultrasonographer, at:

She is highly experienced and she has the most calming presence.

And the very best thing is that her costs are the cheapest I've found in London.


Sorry to hear about your problem. I didn't have any experience in Uk, all my treatment was in Czech and Georgia. And now we will undergo the de conception in Ukraine. It's is also a private clinic with good success rate. Are you from UK? Or you just want to undergo the theatment there?


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