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long term boyfriend & ex-friends got sperm together and have a baby all behind my back. He says it was to help them. he wants nothing to do with baby. his excuse he thought he was dying with a Tumor scare. he is a redhead, no backbone with depression at times. i felt like a knife in chest.he is crying on my doorstep now for forgiveness as wants to be with me. he was never there for me we haven't had sex in years he wants to try but i just don't think it will anymore. that is why i had affairs because of his lack of emotions. it will take counselling to take him back!

i am away in EU. my first plan of action is to move out of Tameside and into Cheshire or another part of Lancashire. This i must do for myself.

i thought i was over infertility but this has set me back 10 years.

i just don't know .................... can i forgive him?


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Are you mad?

No one needs such an idiot in their lives!

Get a grip, you can do much better than him.


thank you so much! That is my plan of action, flat hunting. 1st priority plus my guinea pigs. my mum says 'idle minds are the devils workshop' so true. I shall leave him with his depression, ME & stop playing nursemaid.

Joey thank you, you've always been right!! I am so much better than those ..''()&%

flat hunting is hard flippin work. I am a beautiful person - "Forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those who betrayed you. Sometimes a good heart doesn't see the bad.

:)))))) xxx


Woman, stand up, dust yourself off, there is a whole world out there!

Would you honestly want a child with someone like that?

Sort out yout practical things like a place tolive and if you still want a baby, save hard, go to a clinicand pay for a donor. Look at Ukraine for great prices, great donors and great clinics. A friend off-loaded her freeloading husband like rthis and 2 years later she has the most amazing little boy (my godson!)


Forget about him and start new life. We failed 4 cycles of ivf and that made us more stronger and showed that support means a lot in this case and the whole life. Now we are about to start de ivf in ukraine. and you see, we passed though the pitfalls all the time. It's not a time to give up/, wish you to meet your part, your loving man and have a wonderful Saturday.


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