DE IVF in UKraine

DE IVF in UKraine

Hello everyone, I really hope someone will notice my post and we will be able to share the experience.

Ok, so short information about me – my name is Myra I’m 55 yo. I was born in Wales Uk and most of my life spends there. I was married once but our marriage didn’t last long, my first husband was alcoholic and after 6 years in the hell I decide to leave and moved to my sister’s house. I was only 36 when I stayed on my own with deep hate to all the men. I had relationships after but all of them end up with nothing, of course I always dreamed about man who would care about me. At the age of 42 I understand that it probably will never happen and I’m at the age when it can be too late for having kids. I live in Germany for more than 10 years now so I had to find the country for IVF on the donor eggs (I was in my menopause already). Egg donation is forbidden in Germany so I choose Greece. My babies were born in 2007 I had twins, boy Richard and a girl Melissa, soon they will be 10 and I feel that I want to have more children, I want they have brothers and sisters, I may waited for too long but I think its never too late. I’m healthy and have a good job.

Greece has age limits for IVF only till 50 and I find the alternative – Kiev Ukraine, they have many reproductive clinics and very good reviews. But there are so many of them and I would like to find out more here, may be someone visit Ukraine for the same reason already or know which is the best place to go

Many thanks


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  • Hi Myra! I had ivf with donor eggs last year in Ukraine, Kiev. I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 years ago. My only chance to become a mother was ivf with donor egg. I must say I have no regrets! It was hard to find clinic with professional doctors, quality service and affordable price. Also we've read so many reviews about scammers and fake agencies. Those people know nothing about empathy. After a couple of months of thorough search, reading of hundreds reviews and contacting clinics directly we've found Ukrainian biotexcom. We chose this clinic because there were mostly positive reviews and quick response from the clinic on our mail. I've browsed each forum, each thread, each comment about egg donation. There were both good and bad reviews. But generally the clinic seemed to me professional and popular among infertile couples. Also they have good prices and don't ask to pat extra fees. When we came to the clinic for the first time, we saw many people there. I should say we didn't expect this at all! I never thought Ukraine is that popular. And since that moment I had a feeling that everything will be fine. Not for nothing people go there! The clinic have already took care about everything. So our stay in Ukraine was absolutely comfortable. We were met in the airport by taxi driver, who was carrying us across Kiev by his car. He was transporting us to the clinic and our apartment, which was also provided by the clinic. We had a manager and she translated everything for us. She spoke language fluently, so there were no misunderstandings. They even provided us with food supply! All these services were already included in our package. We didn't pay some extra fees. The clinic has a couple of packages. So you can choose the one, which suits you the most. We chose 'Guaranteed success' for €9 900. Also there was 'Double package' for €6 900, where you can have 2 attempts. If you choose 'Economy package' for €4 900, you'll have one attempt of de ivf. Speaking about package we chose, we had 5 attempts. In case of failure of all tries, the clinic gives money back. So there was no risk for us! I've got pregnant from second attempt. I gave birth to wonderful healthy boy) I'm very happy mom now! I wish you all the best, Myra! I hope you'll find the best clinic for you!

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