DE IVF in UKraine

DE IVF in UKraine

Hello everyone, I really hope someone will notice my post and we will be able to share the experience.

Ok, so short information about me – my name is Myra I’m 55 yo. I was born in Wales Uk and most of my life spends there. I was married once but our marriage didn’t last long, my first husband was alcoholic and after 6 years in the hell I decide to leave and moved to my sister’s house. I was only 36 when I stayed on my own with deep hate to all the men. I had relationships after but all of them end up with nothing, of course I always dreamed about man who would care about me. At the age of 42 I understand that it probably will never happen and I’m at the age when it can be too late for having kids. I live in Germany for more than 10 years now so I had to find the country for IVF on the donor eggs (I was in my menopause already). Egg donation is forbidden in Germany so I choose Greece. My babies were born in 2007 I had twins, boy Richard and a girl Melissa, soon they will be 10 and I feel that I want to have more children, I want they have brothers and sisters, I may waited for too long but I think its never too late. I’m healthy and have a good job.

Greece has age limits for IVF only till 50 and I find the alternative – Kiev Ukraine, they have many reproductive clinics and very good reviews. But there are so many of them and I would like to find out more here, may be someone visit Ukraine for the same reason already or know which is the best place to go

Many thanks



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