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57 days in icu and hugely grateful to be here

I am a 53 year old mother of 3 gorgeous daughters. In Sep 2015 I spent 57 days in an induced coma following major complications during open heart surgery. I was in hospital a total of 6 months until Feb 2016. I have had to learn to walk again and still have a few ongoing health problems associated with my surgery.

I'm absolutely determined to get back to my old active self. I try and stay positive and am hugely grateful to be here.

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Hi teatimeagain: well done - you deserve a medal. I'm sure your lovely daughters are very proud of you

big hugs


Thank you Muncii, I'm still trying to come to terms with the whole experience. My youngest daughter was only 15 when I was at my most poorly, she still won't talk about it and puts her hands over her ears if I mention anything about my time in hospital.

I was lucky though, having read a lot of posts here about nightmares and ptsd, my dreams whilst in the coma were all undistressing, although very very strange, including one in a Hoover repair shop and another choosing a fish in a giant aquarium!

I've found this site very reassuring and wish everyone going through this my thanks for sharing their stories and giving me hope.

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Ellen here.. I know your girls will inspire you to continue on your healing path. I was hospitalized for almost 4 months and had to learn to walk again also. I developed sepsis after having surgery for a bowel obstruction. I wish I'd had the knowledge in 2009 to just let it be and resolve on its own.

The important thing is that you are still here! Shing you the best.

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Thank you Ellen, it's so inspiring to hear other people's stories. I wish you all the best.


Hi teatime well done you!😊 I love your attitude just try and not do too much at once pace yourself and be good to yourself is important as well! So happy for you! 🌻X


Thank you colliedogs, I do try and pace myself, although sometimes I forget and try and do too much, frustrating when you're used to rushing around, working, running a home etc.

I can see an improvement though, I definitely do more and get less tired, onwards and upwards as they say!

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I can relate to the frustration I still have problems, I found this fantastic group just last week and I've been able to speak about my frustrations on here and everyone has been so helpful and encouraging. By sharing their stories with everyone makes me feel I'm not alone in this struggle 🌻 Take care Hun 🌻X


That's fabulous news!

I was wondering did you dream? My husband had vivid and bizarre dreams which started me collecting them to illustrate. My collection is already with agents, but if you did experienced dreams and are strong enough I would love for you to contribute.

If you want to see my work and meet others who have been in your same situation, please have a look at my Facebook page, look up 'Killing Marmalde and other coma dreams' on Facebook.

Or email me at




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