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what happenned to me?

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i was in ICU in 2009 or 10, i had an epilepsy seizure and was taken to central middx hospital (park royal). All i want to know is what happenned to me and has anyone else gone through it, i dont know what drugs i was on but i was able to place myself in a vertical position in the bed and standing over the edge of something, also i felt like i could communicate with people without saying a word, do the patents have some sort of in house entertainment while they are in ICU? it was weird, i was walking down a spiral staircase and when i could go no further i would open my eyes and be in a vertical position in bed, there has to be an explanation for all this

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I also had lots of very strange things happen to me in ICU, but yours sound more fun than mine. Try to remember how you communicated without speaking, it could save the world!

In my ICU they injected me with petrol, and were going to use me as a firelighter.

The staff also performed very unusual sex acts in the middle of the ward, which, come to think of it, was rather fun!

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that dont sound right, i was wound up by a couple of asian orderleys working on the ward and i had to be knocked out to calm me down or so i believe anyway

I'd better make it clear this was only in my confused drugged brain.

I was very ill following an esophagectomy with pneumonia and other complications.

i see, i hope you are better now, i am still on the meds but ime ok, ive been fit free for over 4 years

I believe the drugs that are used in ICU cause these hallucinations, I had double pneumonia, sepsis & multiple organ failure complicated with ARDS and the powerful drugs they had to treat me with made me think I saw the grim reaper was walking around the ward looking at everyone and then took the person in bed 1, I was in bed 4 and believed we all moved up a bed until we reached bed 1, then we were taken away on a train in the corridor to be cremated somewhere in the hospital, it's something I'll never forget.

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i hope you are ok now, i had to have a giggle about the grim reaper though

The drugs are good aren't they? I thought I was in a stadium looking down on the people who were visiting me. It helped when I visited the ICU a year later andd saw the room I was in and I understood why I felt that way. My room had wonderful gold scrolling wall paper and when it got too much for me I would close my eyes and it would turn into deep red pulsating velour. On a serious note though it is important to seperate out the halucinations from the real memories, they may be a combination of both, and the NDE's. Google near death experiences and you will see what I mean. I have my medical records, written feed back from my family and friends about what happened and I am writing a book about my experiences, both with cancer and the icu. It all helps but you must be prepared for it to be confronting and even upsetting especially if you are one of the large number of survivors who is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

interesting, i hope everything is ok now, i will be on tablets for the rest of my life

I had a feeling I was lying tilted almost upside down on a bed whilst the forced some sort of suction thing into my lungs... but I really have no idea of what happened to me either. :/

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. Maybe you were proned?

I don't remember a thing just being woken up and thinking everyone was acting I called the nurse a bitch and slapped her around the face then was taken to another ward.

Poor nurse. The physical and verbal abuse icu nurses and doctors plus other staff must be on the receiving end of from us irrational, spooked completely freaked out patients. Many so lovely they truly do have hearts of gold to not react or retaliate. I wasn't far off from hurling my zimmer frame at one nurse when I was finally taken to a ward from lcu, but she was and is a nasty piece of work so I don't feel bad about what I contemplated doing. In lcu the lighting in my mind at night had a orangey red glow the staff were levitating slightly off the floor and dancing beautifully gracefully like ballarinas. I was glued watching them as they did their tasks outside of my room area dancing and poising in that strange light, but then there was constantly there too this very dark seedy sinister feeling of something coming for me in the floor and walls very sinister it was evil it was death and it wanted to get me, I could feel its vibration in floor around me like rumbling of heavy machinery. It wanted to get me from the bed but couldn't. I had to really take a lot of deep breaths to control the sheer rising terror panic in me. And know I definitely experienced many panic attacks I fought alone to overcome, but also know I shouted a lot and asked the same questions over and over again. All that was after waking from my coma. My coma dreams mostly beautiful filled with pure love so intoxicating, pure, wholesome and uplifting I was very angry to be woken from my coma as that pure love isn't found on earth. When finally on a ward that rumbling sinster air and feeling followed me. Their always at night. Now understand in icu it was probably the machinery I was wired up to, and on the ward the rumbling of the ventilators they swiched on at night for the patients on the ward excluding me all but once. It was strange, eerily, sinister and scary but l kind of liked that dark surreal uneasy altered reality. I still remember then in icu telling me to not try to get out of bed as you can't walk D they said and we don't want you to have any broken bones as they won't heal because you are so poorly. I managed to whisper l'm not going anywhere I don't have any legs. Thankfully the icu nurse said yes you do have legs we showed them to you when you first woke up but they are still paralysed from the medication we gave you to keep you still and stop you falling out of bed. We don't want you hurt wwe want you better, you are doing so well. Genuinely the most lovely lcu staff surrounded me all but two icu arseholes I never saw again. And then the further super freaky very scary arsehole nurses in my side room close to ward before I went onto it preaching about satan and the devil to me refusing to leave my little room who were threatening me, told me they would drag me back if I tried to leave and they unplugged my bed so that it was like I was lying on a brick wall. That did happen and I logged a complaint aboud them as they really frighten me and induced a very panicked state in me. They shiuld never have been speaking to a person out of a coma and just out of icu about satan, the devil, redemption and all kinds of cult like stuff. They really put me into a very bad state.

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