Would anyone be interested in a meeting for having problems with OCD, PTSD etc: after your stay in ICU?

I also run a support group and I am wondering if this will help any of you. I do know that this problem varies from one person to another.

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  • Where would the meeting be? We're all so far apart.

  • I presume central for you all would be best..do you have any good idea's please? Doreen

  • I would be interested in meeting , will keep checking for updates

  • Hi Mystery I will be choosing a venue, date and time today will get back to you soon.

    Many thanks. Doreen

  • Hi Mystery just to say all still ok for Saturday in Birmingham and looking forward to seeing you. :)

  • I'd be interested if I can get there.

  • Thanks for your reply Patchworker we are going to set a venue and time today so I really hope this is convenient for you..

    Will be later today with the details. Thanks Bye for now.

  • Working with the other people that would like to attend this meeting i have 2 dates available.

    Saturday 13th April and Saturday 4th May. The venue will be in Birmingham I am just waiting for some quotes for the hire of the room.

    Get back to you ASAP..

  • Sorry, I can't manage it. Birmingham is too far.Since my esophagectomy, I suffer from gastric dumping, (Google it.) which means I'm frequently ill when I eat, so I'm afraid to eat away from home.I don't mind missing a meal or two, but Birmingham and back, would be too much. I live in Northumberland.

    Anyway, good luck with the meeting, I hope it helps everyone.

  • hi thank you for your reply..i can understand how it would be difficult for you.

  • Hi, yes, I will be there, look forward to meeting you x

  • Thanks Mystery.....sure it will be on the 4th May...we are going viewing 3 venue's on the 16th feb so will let you know after that date.

    Thanks Doreen

  • just a quick update for you Mystery the meeting will be from 1pm - 4pm as i mentioned earlier we are viewing venue's this Saturday 16th February so will get back to after then. Bye for now.

  • Ok , thank you for that, I am registered blind but will get there! You will know me when I arrive, no intro needed, white stick says it!

  • Obviousely a great sense of humor aswell. haha.

  • Hi Mystery just checking before I go to see some venue's on Saturday if you are ok to use stairs? and that you dont require disabled access? Bye for now Doreen/The Lee Spark NF Foundation.

  • Nope, all ok with stairs, it's tunnel vision I have and no vision in dark, all normal apart from that, ha ha

    Thanks for asking, very thoughtful of you

    Sylvia x

  • Your very welcome...wanted to get it right for everyone. looking forward to meeting you. Hope your going to find the afternoon chat useful....good to meet others also. x

  • Just wondering if you will be ok leaving at 4pm Sylvia I know the nights are getting lighter now? x

  • Hi Doreen

    Thanks for getting in touch, I shan't be coming, hope you have a good day


  • Hi Sylvia ok the venue is arranged now. 1 - 4pm on the 4th May. The address :


    Maple House

    150 Corporation St

    Birmingham B4 6TB Tel: 0121 212 8213.

    If you google them you will be able to get more details..lovely venue to make everyone feel relaxed. Bye for now.

  • I would love to, but with living in Aberdeenshire and having 5 hospital stays in the last 7 months I do not think I am up to driving that far yet. On the other hand is there anyone interested in a meeting in Scotland? If so we could start another thread/message and try to organise a central place.

  • I would be interested, Mike-N, Northumberland,Is closer to Scotland than Birmingham!

    I hope we can arrange something. Somewhere with a railway station, I don't drive anymore.

  • Hi Mike -N and patchworker...leave it with us and we will see what w can arrange.

  • Doreen, any update yet?


  • Hi Mike will hopefully be in your area in the months to come if we can get a few interested. Keep posted...take care :)

  • Many thanks Doreen

  • Your very welcome !!

  • I would love to be there but australia is a bridge too far. If there is anyone inAustralia who would like to meet . Especially especially any ex patients of the John Hunter hospital Newcastle Nsw. my email is meistergarry@gmail.com I would love to hear from you

  • Think it is a little far for us to visit you but hope you find some contacts nearer to home.

  • I would be interested but am not available 13 Apr or 4 May as I'm on holiday. I hope the meeting goes well.

  • Thanks LucyT I feel sure the meeting will go well and hopefully see you this year..we are planning to cover several area's this year...would you mind awfully stating where the area where you live then we can arrange this. Have a good holiday...great stuff.:)

  • Hi Doreen, I live near Oxford but am happy to travel about an hour in any direction! I would also be happy to help you organise a meeting. Lucy

  • Thats great thank you for your offer of help and we will bare this in mind to be included in this years meetings. Thanks.

  • Sounds like a really good idea about meeting but sadly due to being in ICU I am still learning to walk again but if you ever arrange a meeting in Wales for near Bristol let me know as would love to come

  • hi Amy really appreciate you contacting me. God luck with all your hard word in learning to walk again..if youd like to contact me again when you are feeling a little better that would be great....in the meantime I will see if there is anyone else in your area that would like to attend the meeting. Keep smiling :)

  • Please can you write an account of the meeting afterwards for those of us who can't come? I am in Leicester, and interested in starting a support group here if I can find other people to do it with, and ideally a professional at the hospital interested too.

  • Just wondering if you had any interest regarding an OCD support group in Leicester. My mum was recently admitted to pych unit due to OCD and anxiety. She feels unsupported but I feel that the support she expects from us is enabling.

    A support group would be fantastic. I can't find any in the area.

  • Sorry, I don't know much about OCD - luckily it has not been one of my problems. I hope that your mum will get some support from the unit, the staff there should be able to point you towards a self-help group for her and for relatives, sending best wishes for your mum's recovery.

  • Hi Suse so sorry to hear about mum. Must be very hard for you and your family....I am compiling a list of the area's requested and we will visit you all this year once we have been intouch with other members of my support group . Chin up :)

  • Will do barbs58

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