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ICU cough

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Since my trachy was taken out in February 2000 I’ve had an ICU cough over time it got worse; because of the cancer risk I was sent for X-rays and fairly quickly followed by a CAT scan in November. It wasn’t cancer😀 but pulmonary fibrosis but they weren’t too sure whether it was caused by my methotrexate or pneumonia so my MTX was stopped. 4 ½ months later I have been seen a thoracic specialist who has confirmed that it wasn’t the MTX but double pneumonia. He had read my notes and said I was really lucky to be alive!

So my lungs are are damaged and won’t get better just need to ensure they don’t get any worse. Hey ho

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Although my lungs repaired from the double pneumonia & severe ARDS - there was a tiny bit of scar tissue remaining in left lung - is it beyond the realm of possibility that these created/caused my pleural effusion on left side 2yrs after discharge?

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Dunno about that but having plural effusion extracted was one of the most painful and unpleasant bits of my whole experience. And I managed to get cellulitis from the needle!

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