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Post induced coma loss of appetite, severe weight loss

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My brother is in rehab after aspirating stomach acid following a routine partial hip replacement. He lost a lot of weight while in the induced coma due to being put back on a ventilator after the aspiration while extubating him but after 23 days on vent he is now on about day 12 in a comprehensive rehab facility. His trach was taken out about 26 april and while able to eat, he has no appetite whatsoever. He has lost an additional 18 pounds since in rehab on 20 april. So about 180 to 139 lbs. He is doing the PT asked of him, walking some with a walker, dressing etc, talking well too, but has no desire to eat or drink much. Any one know if this will last long or any advice on what to do to regain an appetite?

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Even though I was eating when I was allowed, I had a feeding tube for a time and no appetite. Combination of things - crap Hospital food which also was delivered over a short time frame. Breakfast, lunch & dinner were spaced not very far apart & I wasn’t doing much to get an appetite. The drugs made me bloated & nauseous

My husband was ventilated for almost 3 months. It took him quite a while to regain his appetite but was eating fairly normally about 3 to 4 weeks after his tracheostomy was removed.

Are there any favourite foods that he has missed that you could take him? I know my husband really enjoyed a McDonalds meal I took him after being in hospital for about 4 months and also tea and a scone (with jam and clotted cream) 🙂

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he has had a few egg mcmuffins! His fav. thanks!

I am 6’3” and before going into hospital I was +- 18 stone when I left hospital after 3 months (a fair time sedated and ventilated with a trachy) I had dropped to under 13 stone. Once home and during the following couple of months I lost a further 1 stone.

I was tube fed for the whole of my stay and towards the end was allowed water which tasted vile.

Now 14 months later I’m 16 ½ stone. Taste is fine and I eat most foods. I had a swallow issue so there are some foods I avoid

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Wow. Thanks for the reply... so it will take some time..

My brother also was in ICU and he could not taste properly for sometime after his feeding tubes were removed. Please don’t worry with time it will all come back for your brother. My brother lost lots of weight and had to relearn how to swallow how speak how to walk. 3 years on he is well and has regained all the things he lost.

He also found it difficult to swallow and felt like he had something stick in his throat. Other replies reminded me. Good luck to you pr brother for his recovery. He seems to be on the right path.

I was 89 kg when I went in and 74kg when I came out three months later, after a severe case of covid which put me in a coma for a month. But my appetite was also gone, so when I was discharged the local NHS dietican had crates of protein drinks Fortisip and Fresubin delivered to my house.

And after taking them 3 times a day my weight shot back up. After putting on a kilo a week for 7 straight weeks I have now cut back to just one of these drinks a day.

After being home 10 weeks I am now leveling out at 82 kilos weight-wise.

Seems like he’s doing well. The appetite takes time to come back. Also, my dad hated the rehab food lol so that may be a reason he’s not eating

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