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Covid: we are safe and sound 🙂

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Hello all!

Wanted to come back and give you a quick update on my mom. This page has given me so much comfort during the hard time I've endured so I want to share my experience and also provide some hope for people out there.

Yes, my mom had severe Corona. Got intubated for 25 days and took forever days I can't even remember to get her conscious back. She also had a stroke during her induced coma.

She left the hospital depressed, with pressure lessions and couldn't move most of her body. She was sent to another hospital where her wounds were treated and now she's at the rehab doing great and recovering amazingly.

From time to time she still gets sad and gloomy after all it was a very traumatic experience! She hasn't been able to walk yet but we're working on it and improving each day more. Other than that she's fine and can't wait to go back to work!

I also gave birth safely to my baby girl who is now 5 months and we are all good.

I wish our story can help anyone who is also struggling with this devastating virus 🙂🥰🤲🏻

Keep the faith, fight and stay safe!

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Lovely to hear from you @Marcita

So pleased that your new arrival was safe & sound & that your Mom is still on the mend.

Best wishes

Really good news

Take care

Thank you so much for for sharing your story. I have been following your moms story and I must say there were times that I read it more than once just to give me the hope that I needed to keep going. My mom suffered a stroke as well while intubated. She also developed a wound. She’s still in and out of consciousness and asleep most of the time but she’s doing better than the doctors said she would. Although still with a trach and ventilated she’s making some progress. Congratulations on your baby girl! I am 7 months pregnant with a girl too and I can’t wait for mom to meet her. 😊

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Marcita in reply to Color27

Congrats on your baby girl and wishing the best for your mom. She will do it and she's doing it 💪💪💪

Delighted to read this Marcita, so pleased your mum is recovering , I was looking on here to check on your mums progress. Huge congratulations on your baby x

Really good to hear good news! Many congratulations on your baby girl and all strength to your mum! Best wishes 🙏

That’s great news !!!! Happy to hear your mom is making great progress! Thank you for the update!

This is good news. Thank you for sharing. Although my dad hasn’t got Covid he has pneumonia and other issues so has given me hope. Your mum sounds like a strong lady 😊x

Any other updates? My mom is In the icu currently and I am at a lost on what we should do.

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