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Tracheostomy and G feed


Hi everyone

Just concern that my Mom is schedule for trach as she is negative for COVID so they agree to perform the procedure. I have a concern that for g feed how is your experience are they giving from stomach so then it will be another procedure?

Please looking forward for your comments and experience

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Hi Avaco

my dad had a tracheostomy and has now been successful weaned off the ventilator-

He has a nasal feeding tube so a thin tube up his nose and the he gets his fluids via IV

although now he is now being seen by the SALT ( speech & language therapist) who has just done a swallow test on him to make sure he is safe to drink water. He is allowed 5 teaspoons every 15mins and will be assessed again.

The feed is often reviewed & they can add more proteins etc if needed.

Avaco in reply to jayniej

That’s so relieved to read how long he was in vent? My mom it’s been 6 weeks she is on vent support and with trach can patient able to talk? And how is neurologically if you are ok to share please.

jayniej in reply to Avaco

he was ventilated for 7 weeks in total

he was able to talk once they put a speaking valve on his trach.

Neurologically he was fine & did not need any brain scans but has suffered terribly with delirium brain fog & has been confused and sometimes agitated. The trache caused abit of frustration that he couldn’t talk, but the valve eased this !

you can direct message me any time if you like & ill try to help with what i know 🙂

Lots of hugs and best wishes to your dad

God bless you and your dad speedy recovery

@JaynieJ has given you great description 😀 - of course there is a potential issue with everything - but please take it as a positive move forward

I had a trach for approximately 7 weeks ( around Sept 16, 2019) and was on a feed tube through my nose. Once, I was able to breath on my own and the trach was removed; I was able to speak without any problems right away. Although, I still have problems taking deep breaths and my lungs feel weak. Of course, I did contract pneumonia which

I'm sure has caused the problems with my lungs.

The feeding tube started to irritate my sinuses towards the end, but after it was removed; I was able to eat without any problems. Although, I lost approximately 30 pounds and have not been able to put it back on.

Because, I was on a ventilator for several weeks; I felt very agitated and had a lot of confusion. I was angry for some time and a bit depressed too.

I would advise you that a tracheostomy should truly be the very last option. Hope this message has been helpful.

Hi usually a tracheotomy is considered after a certain length of time to avoid damage to vocal chords but mostly to allow them to give less sedation. It can be distressing to wake with a tube down your mouth so the tracheotomy make sure more comfortable to be awake for weaning. Fees is through nasal tube. My husband has been on a ventilator for 8.5 weeks. In the last few days since having his lung drained of fluid he is progressing well and can tolerate a trachy mask (oxygen mask over the tracheotomy) for long periods. He had a speaking valve fitted last weekend and surprised us with a FaceTime where he could talk to us. That’s made a massive difference to him. The tested his swallow yesterday and is was strong so he has had drinks and some fruit salad whilst still being on the ventilator. If he continues well with this they will remove the nasal feeding tube. The trachy was def the right option for him he could not have been fully woken without it. Wishing your Mum all the success in the world with her recovery x

Sounds like your husband is progressing really well now . My dad got the valve yesterday and hoping to speak to him later on in the week.

All positive steps forward by the sounds of it , after my dad had the fluid drained that’s when he had a little turnaround .

Wishing your husband continues his recovery without any more setbacks x

i was on a ventilator for 6 weeks, trachea for 2 weeks following that and had NG feeding (feeding via a nasal tube) throughout the coma and the two weeks post waking up. my swallow is taking longer to recover as one of my vocal chords is weaker than the other, but i was seen by SALT every other day whilst in hospital and they gave me mouth exercises which GREATLY improved my swallow. they’ll start with teaspoon trials of fluid (possibly thickened, depending on the strength of the swallowing muscles) and slowly work up through the levels of food (starting with liquids, then purée, then minced...) and the volume. time & patience is the most important factor, speaking from recent experience. sending well wishes xxx

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