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Low blood pressure


My husband had his tracheostomy this morning and all went well.Unrelated to that though his blood pressure has dropped.They are doing fluid resus and a transfusion.He has been on dialysis for a week now...I am getting scared again and starting to panic.They are getting the heart team to assess him when they are free...they are in er now.He had a quadruple bypass and two valves replaced on 26th March.

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I hope you have reassuring news soon

Try not to worry too much , only thing I’ve learned is to take every single day as it comes . My dad has a few pints of blood over these last 4 weeks and when on kidney dialysis his blood pressure was low.

It’s a rollercoaster and full of ups and downs mainly cos the doctors are new to this virus . He’s fighting and am still here try to take the positives . Xx

Yes..the fluid and transfusion are working and his BP has stabilised..thank you

thanks for your reassurance. The fluids and transfusion are working

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