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Any resources for positive stories?

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Hey everyone. I’ve been looking for hope in all places, between praying and well...praying. Does anyone know of a good resource where there are nothing but positive stories of people leaving the ICU? Would be wonderful to find anecdotes on covid patients specifically but any ICU success story reservoir will do. Prayer and these stories are what help me sleep at night.

I search on reddit,Facebook, news- and I do find bits and pieces of miracles here and there. Many success stories, while uplifting, are from people who had a milder illness and may not have been in the ICU or on a vent. Wondering if anyone’s seen a place where all of these types of stories are compiled? I know that there are people who are discharged after serious cases, would love to find a place where we can celebrate these little victories.

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Hi, we have some patient experiences on the website and always welcome more, for the very reason you've raised. I hope these might be of some comfort.

Yes there are as @ICUsteps-Peter has mentioned - there are also blogs on

And more here

If you look at the top your page on PC, Mac or Laptop ( phones are differently configured off HealthUnlocked App) - it reads Home, Posts, Members, About.

If you click on posts you will then get a window open on top of right hand column - if you type in 'recovery', for instance, you will gain access to hundreds of posts - please let me know if this is helpful

From your post it sounds like you are religious? I found prayer helped too but also watching worship videos on Youtube helped me go to sleep at night

Hi, Although not Covid-19 related; I would recommend Clodagh Dunlop 's book "A return to duty" where Clodagh tells readers about her experience and amazing recovery from Locked-in syndrome .

I also found "Things get better" by Katie Piper to be real psychological boost during my own recovery from Critical illness after ICU.

Thinking of you.

Thank you everyone. Today wasn’t a great day and I am clinging to these stories more than ever.

This site is heaving with people who have defied the odds, I bumped into one of my ICU consultants about a year after I was discharged and I asked him what was my chance of survival, he said " There aren't figures for people like you, thats why they called you 'The Miracle''

Here is another resource 😊

Michael Leonard from Colorado

Thank you, this one does give me some hope ❤️

Have you looked at the pinned post on ‘practical links moving forward’ as this has stories of hope

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