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Loss of memory


My girlfriend was in coma since June I am not sure how long it’s been since she has been awake. She doesn’t know who I am after reading my messages on Instagram all her memory is gone back to her university days in 2012, it’s 2 years before we met. She had surgery for some kind of fluid which was not passing through her vein in her head. Can someone tell me is this gonna be permanent or how long it will take for her remember everything? Being a Muslim no one knows about our relationship, she keeps saying she will block me if she does that I have no ways to reach her again and make her remember our love I am scared she might forget me forever

Please help me

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Sadly I doubt anyone can answer your question. In situations of brain injury it's wait and see.

I am so sorry to hear this. I understand how you feel. It must be frightening for you that she doesn’t remember you. Are you able to talk to the medical staff who are caring for her so you can discuss your concerns and worries. They may be able to reassure you about what treatment anc therapy they are giving to help with her memory loss. My experience is seeing my younger brother wake from a medically induced coma and experience some signs of delerium. I will send you a link with some information. Please try to talk to someone about your worries. It will help you.


This may help a little but there may be better information the medical staff can give you. With best wishes.

icusteps.org produce a booklet on brain injury. I don’t know if this has any helpful info.


There are also charities like Headway that may give you some insight.

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