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Leg mucsle ache after sepsis shock

Hi all I was in hospital for 5weeks with sepsis shock did not walk for a month am walking now 5 months on however at times have muscle ache and spasms in my legs I also sometimes have pins and needles in my feet can anyone relate to this?

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Yes, yes, yes, yes yes. 😊

I believe the possible causes can be muscular myopathy, neuropathy & post sepsis syndrome


What I can assure you is that I have regained sensation on the tops of my feet etc etc - just takes time.

It takes much longer than you would expect for your body to become normal again. For some, they never regain all faculty. My fingers can be problematic at times.

I believe that along with muscle waste, they also shorten, so a lot of the pain & cramp is down to this.

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thankyou so much good luck to you


It sounds like peripheral neuropathy (critical care neuropathy or Post Sepsis Syndrome). Its not very well understood but nerve conduction studies will tell if the nerves in your feet have been affected and to what extent. The study can’t predict recovery time or level of outcome. Therefore strengthen up as much as possible to re-distribute the burden away from your weakened feet as quickly as possible would be my advice. Both my feet were ravaged and i let them carry too much weight on reduced muscle mass leading to stress fractures and

Other injuries. Recovery was even tougher and i had to have a lot of major surgery to strengthen my feet/ankles/lower limbs to

to compensate for the buggered nerves. However, I was very badly affected from a long coma and 8 bouts of sepsis so im at the wrong end of the neuropathy spectrum.

I only mention my situation because im sure that earlier and harder strengthening

Would Have Helped prevent the problems i have 3 years down the line. Physio is key

So good luck.


thankyou for sharing your knowledge very helpful


Hi, I am 3 and a half months out of hospital & still have constant pins and needles in my foot. It has eased off and I have learnt to block out the feeling, like some people manage to ignore the sounds of tinnitus eventually. I only feel the pins and needles when something is touching my foot, my own hand, bedclothes, shoes-anything! I still need to work on strengthening & stamina, but am much better than I was-initially I thought I’d never manage to walk up stairs on my own. It all takes time.

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thankyou very encouraging well done to you


I was one month in hospital with sepsis and as a result had critical care neuropathy. I walk and exercise best I can and have daily battles with shoes and socks, but I can walk🙏👍🏻 I think it’s improving very slowly and it gets worse through the day for me as the muscles tire. But the key is physio and movement. You don’t want to, but it’s very necessary for the blood and oxygen to reach those parts. I’m considering a 10s machine for blood circulation as a next step. Good luck Alex


very helpful advice thankyou so much


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