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SURVIVOR OF ARDS and beating the odds

Its been over a year and half since I first woke up from being in a medical induced coma with a very bad case of pneumonia which led to ards and right now I still can't feel my left foot all the way and also its still tends to drop I'm now currently on oxygen 24/7 and have to sleep with a bipap machine by the grace of GOD I haven't been to the hospital in a year so thats a plus cause at one time I was going and staying for 2 weeks at a time going home for a day or so and going right back for another 2 weeks and that went on for like 3 months it was one time I went home and bout 4 hours later I'm back in hospital and everytime it would take them longer to get my breathing under control one time the doctor told me I couldn't keep going into respiratory failure or I would not make it and that was very scary so now I have oxygen for breathing and walk with a walker because of drop foot in my left foot and take 9 pills twice a day and a couple 3 times a day and I'm only 32 and before this ordeal I was breathing fine walking good and taking no meds and let's not forget the 2 different inhalers and the nebulizer but I'm just grateful and thankful by the grace of GOD I'm still alive and that I survived ARDS.

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Wow you have been through a lot! So young too, I know what that’s like as I was only 24 when I was admitted to ICU with ARDS caused by cancer..thankfully I only needed breathing mask and nebuliser though, was awake the whole time. I saw some other young patients with all sorts of issues from car accidents to drug overdose being put to sleep on ventilators while there and I was so scared for them but seeing them wake up and then walk out of the ICU was amazing I had so much respect and admiration for them. I’m 27 now and not able to work because I’m so weak and get so dizzy just from standing but it’s a blessing just to be here with my family. Keep fighting you sound so strong and resilient I don’t know you but just from what you’ve wrote I am proud of how much you have fought through! Take care 😃


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