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Leg pain getting worse - scared

Hi everyone

11 months ago I spent a week in the ICU due to septic shock, which I only barely survived. Thankfully I bounced back relatively quickly and am slowly getting back to normal life. However, since I was released I have dealt with light pains and fatique in my legs and feet. It was slowly getting better, some days I didn’t even feel it - but now, over the past month or so, it’s been getting increasingly worse, and it’s actually worse than it’s been since my release.

Anyone had the same experience?

I can live with the constant aching and fatique, but it’s the fear that’s really affecting me. I’m so scared of getting sick again, or that something is going to happen to my legs.

My doctor seems to not know anything about it, so I hope that some of you can sagaer your experiences.

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It’s easy to write everything off to this or that but I found the symptoms of Post Sepsis syndrome very convincing & compelling reading


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I’m fairly new here and have never posted. I’m so glad you’ve put this up as I was just googling throbbing leg at night and didn’t like the results. Then I went to check my mail and saw your headline.

I had meningitis and sepsis last October following spinal surgery. I was in ICU for 5 days and on a ventilator with a collapsed lung. I too nearly didn’t make it.

I was in hospital for 7 weeks and could only come home because the community nurses could come to me twice daily to give my IV antibiotics. They ended in February this year.

I’m now back at work on a phased return but all the symptoms of Post Sepsis Syndrome. Hair falling out by the handful, excessive sweating even though I’m cold, exhaustion etc etc.

It’s only recently that I’ve started with the throbbing leg and it’s only my right leg. Funnily enough that was my worst leg for sciatica pre op but now it’s my best leg post op. Apart from this throbbing.

It starts above my buttock, goes down my thigh, in my knee, then down to my foot. It’s not sciatica. I also developed 2 blood clots whilst in hospital. One was in my calf and wondered if it was to do with this. It doesn’t feel like that though. It’s not nerve pain and doesn’t really feel like muscle pain. It wakes me up though with the throbbing.

Is yours both legs? Sorry I can’t help at all but I can tell you you’re not alone! 😊


Hello , firstly let me tell you , you are not alone . Secondly , you DID survive . So onwards and upwards . I get the aches and pains . I’ve taught myself now to rest when I hurt , just relax . Today as I’m writing this I have a million things I want to do but they will still be there tomorrow and I’m lying on the sofa watching rubbish tv . You sound like me , we think we have recovered but we are still in the process. The paranoia of being ill again will fade .

Talk talk talk . If you want to tell someone , anybody , tell them . Tell them how you feel . My doctor told me that my hair falling out and my aches and pains were related to under active thyroid and arthritis . Err no !!! Ido think our gp’s are good but they don’t deal with people like us on a day to day basis . The trauma , stress , shock , the whole wild ride is a massive massive deal . It messes with your head and your physical well being . But it does get better . Life is a journey and the experience we all have in common is something trying to end it . It just proved to me that we have absolutely no control , not one bit. “ We can’t control the wind, but we can change the sails “


I have also been feeling achy legs and feet for a month now I do not know if it is related to what happened to me or not. It is frustrating and I did go check for blood clots and all was fine. the doctor doesn't seem to know what the cause can be. I am assuming from not moving those muscles even for a short time may take time to recover? its been four months since my icu and awful experience. I have had my hair fallout weakness aches and pains. Just know that recovering from ARDS is a long and scary process. I am going to see another doctor. Hope you feel better.

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