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Mum can’t swallow after ICU



My 73 year old mother was admitted into ICU with a bad double pneumonia from several strains of swine flu and streptococcus bacteria. She also had sepsis and following that she developed severe ARDS. She was sedated for several weeks, intubated on ventilator for 40 days and in ICU for 60 days. She developed severe ICU Acquired weakness and took a long time to be able to stand and walk a few steps. It’s been 3 months since admission and she’s now trying to recover in a geriatrics rehab ward. Though she has regained some of her voice, she has not regained her swallowing ability. So far she has been fed through the nose and the now the doctors have proposed to feed through the stomach (PEG). I’m afraid of the risks and further complications of PEG and am concerned that this will become permanent. I would really like to know if anyone has recovered from postextubation dysphagia which is what I think this is, and has been successful at weaning off the PEG. Thanks so much.

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