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Intubated with metastasis cancer

My brother has stage 4 kidney cancer metastasis all over his body. After immunitherapy he develop sepsis that brought him to E/R and started to have breathing problem.Doctor's said the cancer spread all over his lungs and told us there is nothing they cando. We can't believe that his breathing problem was cause by cancer in his lungs because he was breathing fine before he was confined. We pushed to intubate him just in case there's still hope. He is in ventelator for 6 days now, and just in 25mg fentanyl. They turn off sedative completely and and only on fentanyl which was turn off today, but he did not wake up at all not a single respond. Unlike the past 3 days, I can't talk to the doctor because I know what they will say, he will die soon. Everyday is so precious to see him alive but if he has no respond I'm scared that he will die soon.

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It took me a week to wake up from the sedative drugs. Good luck!

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Just wanted to say good luck with everything. Fentanyl is a strong pain reliever that also has sedative properties. I see your post is from four days ago. If you get a chance can you let us know how he is? I was intubated and caught sepsis but my problems were related to cardiac arrests, not cancer. I was put to sleep for about a month. Am wishing you all the very best.


He's with the Lord Jesus Christ now, he passed away last Friday. Thanks for the respond.


So sorry to hear. Life is too short.


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