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Does my father have any chance?

My dad (72 years of age) has been in ICU since the 18th January following a hip operation that left his oxygen levels low.

During this time he had made improvements: he had opened his eyes, spoken to us (although unclear at times), made jokes etc. but recently he had become dependent on the ventilator and was no longer instigating his breathing like previously before.

The doctors have told us this is a result of a stroke he has had during his time in the coma. They only had described the stroke as "getting bigger" and that it was located in the right frontal lobe.

Today we had been told that he will most probably die and that they want to have a meeting with us later tonight when we go to see him.

All I want to know is if he will have any chance at all and what I could suggest to the doctors at ICU when I go to meet them.

Thank you so much to anyone who can help.

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I'm sorry I don't have any words of wisdom but I'm sorry for what you are going through

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Thank you hopefully, with you being in this group everything goes well for you.


Thinking of you


Yes, please give us an update. Prayers for your family.


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