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Induced coma after cardiac arrest.

y son is 26... he is on ventilator- cardiac arrest, pneumonia, seizures, it's been 36 days. They are still reducing his coma inducing meds. He's had moments of somewhat lucidity, unable to move fingers or toes yet, opens eyes on command occasionally, pentobarbital induced, then versed, then prpphol, now phenobarbital and clonopin with 5 other non sedating seizure meds, reacts to pain (sometimes) stares into space. He was down for about 7-10 minutes while in Icu on ventilator support and cpr. He's showing more signs of being awake- still on ventilator support- sometimes, I feel and see the connection and recognition, he cried... sometimes he stares at the ceiling. Anyone out there have any input. I'm living on faith ( as I think he is) waiting for all this medication to work it's way out of his body.... what can I expect???

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My daughter was in the same condition. After spending 3 months in the icu , shifted to the ward but still paralyzed. She can’t speak. She’s very weak. G tube feeding is inserted. She only nods and stares at us. I think the problem was the seizures and the sedative drugs, her body and brain could be handle them. She lost a lot of weight. We can hardly recognize her face. The biggest mistake the doctors did was keeping her sedated for a long time ( 40) days . Tracheotomy was inserted after that. I still hope she will get better gradually. I hope your son recoveres soon. We have to be strong for them. God help us to support our loved ones in their hard times.


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