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Nephew on life support

Hello. My nephew is in ICU because he developed an infection in his bloodstream, while treating he went into cardiac arrestand now he is on life support. He also has diabetes and High blood pressure. His eyes are open and he responds to pay but he doesnt follow movement. Doctors says his CT scan shows there is no brain swelling. Does anyone know of recovering from something like this?

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I went into 2 grade 3 Comas, with Sepsis, pneumonia, Mrsa and kidney failure. I was given a 1-2% survival rate. It’s now 4 months since I left the hospital and I’m slowly recovering. Never give up hope. Thoughts are with you and your family xox


Thank you

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I hope your nephew improves soon, there is a scale to gauge comas



Hope he recovers soon . How long has he been in this condition?


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