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Tvt Complications Help

Hi I know this post is not to do with icy although I was there 4years ago and still live with it .

In August I had TVT surgery and was told it was quick and easy I’m still off work in agony . I have serve pain in my right leg with constant pins and needle and serve stabbing pain in my groin . I find it hard to walk and sit . I don’t remember the last time I slept as the pain is so bad . I am on so may pain killers which don’t really help . I’m lost with what to do my surgeon says I need a scan then they might be able to remove half of the tape but are unsure if this will change the pain in my leg .

I’m so lost I’m a fun loving fit 44 year old I feel my life is nothing . I’ve looked for help and can find very little I’ve posted on mess angels and had no support is anyone in my position and can give me some positive help as I don’t know how long I can pay the bills being off work

Thank you 😊

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Are you ok? what happened wrt the pain? if the pain is excruciating, you feel dizzy/lightheaded/feverish, you'd best go to A/E.

As other things may need to be ruled out too e.g infection or blood clot in the leg.

Hope that helps,

N x


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