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ICU for 5 weeks not waking after ventilator and and sedation know only on oxygen open his eyes at times but not focusing please reply HELP x

Hi guys don’t know if anyone is here that will reply to me ??? Please would be an hounour were in such a position like were lost !!! ???

dad had a heart attack and Ben in the icu since it’s been 5 weeks in total

and Ben off the ventelator and sedation for 1 and half week off know and his like breathing mostly by himself but getting oxygen know only and things but still not waking up properly like we’re all going mad here don’t know where to go or what to say he means to much to the family to let him go !!

After all that know he opens his eyes know and then but not fully and sometimes squeezes the hand but when he looks at you his not focused or conscious his eyes sometimes goes side to side with lid closed ??

so we’re just lost can any body tell us or help answer our question please we just want Dady back and we’re so scared thank you for everything and understanding i look forward for all your reply thank you so much xxx

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I’m sure when @Fritz sees this post - he’ll have some useful pointers.

ICUsteps does some downloadable PDF’s on delirium for instance :


Also this link may help :


It took me eleven days to come round - even then, the level of sedatives took weeks to leave my system. I was up and down. They say it can take months to fully leave your system. I had been in a coma for 2 months. I stayed in ICU for another month. We, your Dad & I, fall into a category of seriously ill people, it’s miraculous he is still with you. Keep talking and encouraging him. In some way, I was aware of the people around me. They spoke of each other and me being a warrior. I dreamed of them and fighting heroic battles to protect or get back to them. Don’t give up hope..it is all we have.


I had this too I would know they are there and they would be in my coma dream ( I call it) and I would be desperately searching for them I was in a coma for 6 weeks took me about 2 weeks to get over the sedative some of the stuff I was saying was crazy apparently lol


I spent six weeks in a coma it takes time to wake up they sedate you with an awful lot of different drugs and are so powerful just to be able to wake up and look around properly then it can take several weeks to try and figure out who you are where you are and why you're there trust me it's a very traumatic and complicated time for the person that actually in The Coma don't worry I'm sure it will be absolutely fine it just takes some people longer than others I have severe ICU Delirium and even when I was awake I was essentially asleep it's a very complicated thing to try and explain please try not to worry it should all be ok


It takes a bit of time to come out of the sedation. My mum was recently in induced coma for 2 weeks and took about 2 weeks to become "aware" and a further 2 weeks to recover to become herself. Its now 3-4 weeks after that and effects finally starting to fade. It takes longer the longer your under.

Its very hard but be patient. It will get better x

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Firstly be very reassured your Dad is in the the very best place for all his medical needs, the staff are there for that reason and the reason is that your Dad is unwell and they are all trained to help with his hospital needs. I understand your concerns and why you worry so much.

Please understand it won't happen instantly but over time.



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