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Is this what is wrong or am I being neurotic?

A fit 75 female even though had 3rd spinal decompression in Oct 2016. Admitted to a hospital in Spain following a fall when on a cruise ship, April 2017. I was catheterised there with not the best sterile technique or patient care, then after 6 days flown back to local hospital to await transfer to the neurology unit where surgery was done. About 36-48 hrs later I was crawling up the wall, having hallucinations, confused and restless and what i can remember was being so frightened. My husband, so worried as he had never seen me like this, constantly asked and eventually was told it was a U.T.I and maybe I had also had a stroke. A 3 day course of antibiotics were given but not for several days later. On day 9 of my stay, none of which I can remember much about, I said I felt a bit better so they sent me home. Now 4 and a half months later I still feel ill and just can't shake it off. My GP wondered if I had had Sepsis, but then said he thought it unlikely, he has explored other avenues to investigate the diarrhea, lethargy, palpitations and weakness, loss of appetite and weight loss and the strange detached unreal feeling I have. Now I have read about post sepsis syndrome and It all fits in. I do have some medical knowledge as I have spent my working life nursing the last 45 years as a senior ward sister, but even so I feel that no one will listen to how I feel or will take it seriously. Anybody out there have any ideas?

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Did you watch panorama last night? All about sepsis and how it's a silent killer with uti being major cause in people of your age.

Well worth contacting uk sepsis trust x


It sounds like you were delirious due to the UTI as the experiences you describe are common in delirium. A good website to go to for information is


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