Brain CT

Brain CT

Please someone make me understand this report ....what does it mean....what are the implications....please help me out to understand my father's condition

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  • I hope your father improves soon - I'm sorry that I have no medical knowledge to enlighten you.

  • It looks like your father had a previous stroke "old infarct". Furthermore he had a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). This means he had "Bleeding in the space between the brain and the tissue covering the brain."

    This sometimes can cause pressure in the brain and lead to a midline shift, which they have ruled out in the report.

    The question now is whether there is any brain damage or not.

    It's not clear in the CT report in terms of outcomes long-term.

    Rather than wondering about the CT report, what have you observed with your father and can you share more?

    1) Why is your Dad in ICU, it also says he's got ARDS and AKI?

    2) How long has he been in Intensive Care?

    3) Is he still in an induced coma and on a ventilator?

    4) Is he showing signs of waking up?

    In any case, have a look at these articles/videos here for more information


    How to take control if your loved one has a severe brain injury and is critically ill in Intensive Care

  • He was suspected with H1N1 ,severe ARDS Pneumonia on 25 june and then kept on ECMO from the first day of treatment. After getting out of ECMO( 40 days) ,now on ventilator, my father is in fever from continuous 7 days, inspite of having antibiotics medication going on, sometimes fever cut off in morning time but again gradually start increasing in daytime. He was active though and was responding to us when was on ECMO but now he is not paying attention towards us,We are not understanding what all is happening, we wanna talk to him, but he is not responding to us , and from yesterday he is not even opening his eyes, making some movement like twisting his tongue n all.

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