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My brother woke up from his coma 6 days ago today he is along in hdu but still hasn't spoke and is only moving his right leg he is blinking on command and crying to us but he just seems to stare into space before you get his attention. What is normal when someone wakes from a coma he was attacked and had major head injuries, it's been such a long 2 weeks since it happened am I expecting too much too soon?

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  • My brother too sort of follows your story. He has "coded" (blue) FOUR times since 2-27-17On two of those "events" I was There and I add up those lack of oxygen minutes and I'm 99.99 % certain he has a brain damage. I won't know until I tell hs team but be careful to say you think he has brain damage... they will assess him by asking him to answer questions he simply can't recall and throw into the looney bin (they are "business" too) Start assessment of your brother but go slow. Ask him about a childhood memory/experience you shared together. Then maybe after a little while of recollection brasin time, you might get what he remembers then and ask him what he knows is or feels he knows what is going on now. JI warn you though, do not take this to the psych eval team until you 100% ,.. 99.9% certain. IF he does have brain damage, it doesn't always been things are futile. With help from cognitive therapy =as soon as possible, short term memory can be restored quickly., Long term is tougher to tackle so just start watching him with ears and eyes closely. Lastly, the nurses say after the 4 code blues, he now talking a lot in his sleep. In the care facility ihe s now at, I hear SO many patients talking in their sleep. It is usually a loop statement such as "you suck" over and over . Or the "hrlp me, are you there, somebody listen"... It is SOso frightening because these people repeat it over and over all night long, in the day... 24/7 night and day... (remember I live in Las Vegas) our facilities are always 24/7 re: visiting "privileges" (GEEZ!) What I had to do to start my covert assessment of his brain was plant a small device that records 9 hours of audio (good Quality) and shuts off. The device look like a tiny harddrive stick. I used it for the first time last night. I am going to download it tonight. Pray for me and I will in return. P.A. you can buy one of those listening devices Amamzon.com for under $20 US dollars. Hope this gives a litle comfort. I will reply back if I discover any concrete evidence of brain injury once I listen to the audio stick and contents. I'll be back to share with as soon as I can

  • I don't think your post applies to my situation no one mentioned brain damage!

  • It could be very likely that your brother may have some brain damage after these events, or it may take time for the swelling and blood to go away! This can cause personality differences and all sorts of strange things:) xx

  • Hi Lea,

    have a look at those articles/videos here to get your questions answered


    HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO WAKE UP AFTER AN INDUCED COMA? intensivecarehotline.com/qu...

  • Yes, sorry, too much, too soon. Patience is key I'm afraid, it's taken me such a very long time to recover. There are some resources for you to research. Google Glasgow Coma Scale and the words Emergence Phenomena, ( I only recently found these myself and my coma was a year ago now.). It won't change your brother's condition but will help you to understand. Time, as they say, is the great healer.

    Best Wishes and Good Luck to you and your brother.


  • My experience in ICU and my recovery proved to be a long experience, It takes a long while for the medication to wear off as well a head injury takes a long time to recover. I am 2 moths post Coma and am still recovering physically and mentally.

  • Yes, I received a lot of physiotherapy whilst I was in hospital three years ago, both my hands were painful when I came out of being in hospital for ten weeks.

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