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2+ months with my Dad in a Coma, where do we turn

My Dad had a subdural hematoma 3 weeks after getting a pacemaker. After 2 brain surgeries in 12 hours , they THINK he had a stroke. He has been comatose since 4/6/17, he has been off the ventilator for weeks but is rarely responsive. His pupils are minimally responsive. I am trying to have faith and help my Mom stay well and positive, they are both 73 and live 8 hours from me. I've been travelling a lot! With a Glascow score of 3, they are saying he will never awaken.

Worst part is the doctor and caseworker are horrible. He is in a critical care 40 bed hospital in Gainesville, FL, they say he can't stay there because he doesn't need critical care but, no skilled nursing facility will take him because he is comatose and still has a trach tube. He has gone as long as 48 hours with the tube capped but the damn doctor refuses to remove it. We are stuck in this gap in care and have no idea how to get him into a facility that can handle his needs and that is closer for my Mom (she' driving 2 hours each way now), so that she can be with him and still be able to care for herself. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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